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Ashika Lessani is a Certified Co-Active Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author.  She is a former registered holistic nutritionist, personal trainer specializing in Personalized Development for leaders looking to improve their leadership skills, mental wellbeing, physical and emotional health to live a more balanced life through meaningful guidance and coaching.

Ashika Lessani is the CEO and Founder of Core Leadership Based Global Coaching and Consulting. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, BC. She helps high-achieving leaders align their personal and professional goals so they can confidently run their business and create a life they love!


A holistic approach to goal setting and leadership development Ashika Lessani's coaching and consulting focuses on helping clients set meaningful goals, identify underlying strengths and develop a personalized action plan to achieve their results. The focus of her work is on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of strategic goal setting that most people don't consider. Ashika brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to goal setting, leadership development and health. Her approach combines a holistic view of living a strategic and fulfilled life. 

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Client Testimonials

“Ashika has helped me evolve as a woman in so many ways. I struggled so much with self confidence and finding my voice but with her support and guidance I've been able to take so many steps forward in life. I found my true passion for helping women and have now successfully launched a new business with Ashika as my business mentor. Under her mentorship I have been able to attract clients meant for me and have created a successful program. Working with Ashika has been a true blessing and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to kick old habits and who wants to commit to creating a life they deserve!”

Ashley Sindayen, Women’s Mental Health Coach

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