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Dare to challenge the status quo. Dare to dream big and make your vision into a reality.

Meet Ashika Lessani

Ashika Lessani is a Certified Co-Active Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author.  She is a former registered holistic nutritionist, personal trainer specializing in Personalized Development for leaders looking to improve their leadership skills, mental wellbeing, physical and emotional health to live a more balanced life through meaningful guidance and coaching.

Ashika Lessani is the CEO and Founder of Core Leadership Based Global Coaching and Consulting. Ashika continuously delivers motivated, inspired, and touching content to keep your mindset and belief system. She is the author of her first book: "Redesigning the Inner You, A book of Holistic Wellness" which is available on Amazon. Ashika's passion for people’s health infused with her passion for leadership have been a perfect synergy. Her unique coaching style inspires you to be the best you while she gives you the tools to live a life by design not by default.

A Co-Active Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author. Ashika received her coaching certification from the Certified Coaches Federation to become a Certified Coach Practitioner . She is a former Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.  Ashika received her designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural and her Personal Training Diploma from INFOFIT-Fitness Career College. Her mission is to help clients create healthy boundaries with others, create a strong sense of who they are, and accomplish their desired life strategically in their mental, emotional, and physical health with confidence.


“Ashika is a dynamic and progressive leader in the field of health, wellness and lifestyle coaching.”


As a Co-Active Coach, Ashika draws upon human potential and the science of personal growth. Her personalized process helps her clients to experience more happiness and fulfillment, or overcome stagnation. Ashika offers private 1:1 coaching packages as well as group coaching packages for leadership groups. 


Ashika helps her leadership clients and entrepreneurs to create high impact organizations. They learn the tools to make confident decisions that get them the results they want in life. They learn the tools to reduce stress, increase energy levels and take better care of their mental and physical health—and make it a priority! Refine leadership skills; build self trust; increase income; reduce burnout. Ashika doesn't  just coach people. She inspires them to win.


“When you embark on a journey of personal growth, who you’ve been and who you’re becoming…collide. When they collide, you get to make new choices. You get to redefine your ‘why’.”

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