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Podcast Features

Listen and learn more about health and wellness on the go. Here are Ashika's podcast features.


Victim to Victor

Ashika Lessani gave up her job in dentistry to start up her business as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, specializing in empowering, strengthening, and guiding women to see their potential through a multifaceted approach. 

Ashika Lessani - Author, Nutritionist, Mentor & Coach, joins Anu Verma on a talk about the importance of having a relationship with yourself before starting any romantic relationship.

"The only obstacle in your way is you. Your fear, your doubt…and your beautiful capacity to change."


The Vibrant Flow

EP 40: No More SuperWomen: Vibrant Health, Healing From Burnout, and Becoming Radiant

You’ll learn about:

• Having peace with your body and eating

• The most significant cause of burnout for women

• Acute stress vs. chronic stress/fatigue

• Most common nutrition red flags with women

• What women are doing wrong with their monthly cycle

• How to support your cycle, hormones, and nervous system

• Connecting with your womb

• Why women are still not eating enough

• Superwoman syndrome

• What happens in your body under chronic stress

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Fit_Inspired Mama

Listen in as you hear a few pointers Ashika brings up. One more important one she says is " We are not perfect, but we can do what works for us."

When you see a women accomplish a dream, you SCREAM AND you acknowledge everything about it! That is right!!! Ashika Lessani has written her book and it's called " Redesigning the inner you"

Have you experienced Postpartum?

Are you a new mom, or a mom who is experiencing Anxiety, Alone, Moody, Angry after giving birth to your new born?


Mission Accepted Plus GenZ Is Us

EP152: Step Into Your Purpose 

Did you ever feel like your cubicle is too small for your purpose or your mission? Perhaps you are taking up space for someone else’s advancement and it is time for you to step out so they can step in. Certified coach practitioner and registered holistic nutritionist, Ashika Lessani, shares with us easy steps to take to recreate your life. It is possible to create a life of happiness, success, and abundance … on your own terms. Anyone who is done with “following the herd” needs to hear what Ashika shares today. You will learn how to open a door to possibilities, understand your intuitive self, and make magic happen.


The Okoko Podcast

A positive and strong mindset is essential to remain focused on our goals. Join the lovely Ashika Lessani, a Vancouver-based certified nutritionist, leadership coach & mentor for female entrepreneurs, to discuss "5 Empowering Mindset Tips For Female Entrepreneurs".

Ashika provides Top Tips for:

• Knowing your value and what you bring to the table

• How to make time for you as an entrepreneur for your well-being

• Top tips to stay motivated, prevent burnout & support energy

• How to find joy in what you do & enjoy the process and attract more success in your journey

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