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Published Articles About Ashika Lessani

Fresh Magazine

Ashika Lessani is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner and Mentor for women. She is an author who recently published her book, Redesigning the Inner You, A Book of Holistic Wellness. Ashika is a mother to a courageous and big-hearted 11-year-old son who keeps her on her toes! Ashika provides support with self-awareness and understanding of the symptoms of burnout and chronic fatigue symptoms for female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their health and benefit from their personal goals. Her mentorship program helps women develop clarity, values, and healthy boundaries within themselves and within their relationships.

The Modern Day Wife

Say Hello To Ashika Lessani! Ashika dedicates her time to helping women attain health and wellness, and supporting them throughout their entire journey. Based in Vancouver BC Canada, Ashika is a registered holistic nutritionist and certified coach practitioner, who practices as a full-time online women’s health coach. Her purpose as a coach is to guide and support women in creating personal awareness in their overall health and life.

Canvas Rebel

As a Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author, my passion lies in empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives. My primary focus is on helping ...

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