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Ready to revolutionize your well-being and achieve a balanced life? Ashika Lessani, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, is your go-to expert for a comprehensive wellness journey that prioritizes mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization.


Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Ashika takes a holistic approach to wellness, considering your health history, current diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and more. Specializing in gut-brain axis optimization, Ashika aims to balance your mental health, reduce internal stress, and enhance your endocrine and nervous systems.

Nervous System Optimization

Ashika employs techniques that help regulate your nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety while enhancing focus and mental clarity.

Gut-Brain Axis

Understanding the intricate relationship between your gut and brain, Ashika offers nutritional guidance that positively impacts both your digestive health and mental well-being.

Certified Personal Trainer

Complementing her nutrition expertise, Ashika's personal training certification empowers her to guide you in achieving your health and fitness goals, emphasizing the mental health benefits of regular exercise.


What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic health coaching is a transformative process that fosters sustainable lifestyle changes. Partner with Ashika to unlock your inner wisdom, identify your core values, and convert your wellness goals into actionable steps.

  • Mental Well-Being: Learn mindfulness techniques and stress management strategies that enhance your emotional resilience and mental health.

  • Stress Reduction: Through targeted exercises and nutritional guidance, Ashika helps you manage and reduce stress, leading to a more balanced life.

  • Thriving Mindset for Success: Adopt a growth mindset that not only enhances your personal life but also propels you toward professional success.

Power of Positive Psychology

Ashika employs positive mindset techniques to amplify your strengths and virtues, enhancing your mental well-being and life satisfaction. Set achievable, value-aligned goals that set you up for long-term success. Rewrite your life narrative to align with your true self.

Sustainable Habit Building

Ashika guides you in establishing healthy, sustainable habits tailored to your unique needs. Replace unhealthy cravings with nourishing alternatives, leading to enduring changes in your diet and overall wellness.

Why Choose a Dual-Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist?

Opt for a comprehensive wellness approach with Ashika, a certified health coach and nutritionist. Break free from the cycle of fad diets and sporadic exercise. With a personalized nutrition and fitness plan, achieve lasting weight loss, heightened energy levels, and mental clarity.

Partnering with Ashika offers a 360-degree view of your well-being. Clients frequently report improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and increased focus after just a few sessions, thanks to a balanced approach to mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Client Testimonials

I feel much more confident than where I was at the beg. of this year.  I'm learning to trust myself and my decisions and what feels right for me and my business.  I'm more consistent in focusing on my business and showing up for my clients and audience.  I have signed several clients now and have confidence that people do want & need help from me and I know I can help them.  I feel confident in what I share online.  I have bigger visions for myself and my business now.  No more playing small.  I'm also more content and happy in my personal life.  Have been through some ups and downs in relationships but I've grown a lot through that and appreciated having guidance from Ashika in that. 


Leadership program: This program has helped me tremendously and in so many ways.  I've become more focused and more confident in my business.  I am managing my time better.  I'm taking more action.   I feel clear about my path ahead and am confidently moving forward.  I've gained clients and therefore experience and I've been able to help my clients with their health and life goals.  I've created momentum that is only going to keep me moving forward in a positive direction. I have an even bigger vision for myself now thanks to Ashika's guidance and belief in me.

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